The following section show you the basic usage and environment of this website for smartphones.

  • *There are some webpages unavailable on smartphones.

Recommended Environment

The followings are the recommended browsers and operating systems for tablet and smartphone use.(*1)

  • *1: This information is current as of September 2014. Some functions of this website may not work properly (such as layout corruption) in the unsupported latest version of browsers or operating systems. Using terminals with original extensions (Android) or browsers differ from the default setting may cause the same error.

Slide menu display

Tap the upper right menu button to display a slide menu.

How to open a desktop site on smartphone

You can switch the screen from the smartphone version to the PC site version.

Tap the “Full Site” at the bottom of the page.

To switch back the view to the smartphone site from the desktop site, tap the “Mobile site” at the bottom of the page.