Financial Information

The graph and table describes the highlights of the consolidated financial statement of OTSUKA CORPORATION.(Years ended December 31. Based on the Securities Report filed on March 29, 2022)

Net Sales 2017-2021

Net Sales (by business)

Net Sales (by business)

Net Sales691,166759,871886,536836,323851,894
System Integration business408,718463,293578,698526,613523,609
Service and Support business282,064296,577307,837309,710328,284
Other business383----

Otsuka Auto Service Co., LTD., which was a consolidated subsidiary, was excluded from consolidation from the fiscal year 2018 due to its reduced impact on consolidated business results. Along with this, the Other business segment is not listed from the fiscal year 2018 due to the absence of business results.

Operating profit / Ordinary profit / Profit attributable to owners of parent 2017-2021

Operating profit

Operating Income

Ordinary profit

Net Income

Profit attributable to owners of parent

Net Income

Operating profit44,38648,05862,19256,30955,827
Ordinary profit45,46049,28563,70657,55057,567
Profit attributable to owners of parent31,56033,60143,49739,30939,927

Total Assets / Interest-Bearing Debt 2017-2021

Total Assets

Interest-Bearing Debt

Total Assets380,317406,732461,812471,292486,254
Interest-Bearing Debt8,8738,2568,8078,8958,851

Figures are in millions of yen.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) 2017-2021

Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Earnings Per Share166.46177.22229.42207.33210.59

EPS is in yen.

The Company conducted a 2-for-1 stock split for shares of common stock of the Company with April 1, 2018 as the effective date. Accordingly, the amount of Earnings per Share is calculated based on the assumption that the share split was conducted at the beginning of the fiscal year 2017.

Equity Ratio 2017-2021

Equity Ratio

Equity Ratio (%)56.056.556.258.861.4

Return on Equity (ROE) 2017-2021

Return on Equity (ROE)

Return on Equity (%)15.715.217.814.613.9

Equity = Total net assets - Share subscription rights - Non-controlling interests

  • Note:The amounts shown in this page have been rounded down to the nearest whole number.