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OTSUKA CORPORATION recognizes accessibility as a key responsibility, and engages in accessibility company-wide.

Our mission is to serve a wide range of companies by presenting, within a concrete framework, new business opportunities and management improvement strategies brought about by innovations in information and telecommunications technology. We aim to enable all customers to use our services, regardless of their situation or environment, including those with disabilities and the elderly.

We plan, design, and operate this website in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) X 8341-3:2016 “Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities — Information and communications equipment, software and services — Part 3: Web content,” and will consider making further improvements.

We have established internal guidelines to make this website easily accessible for persons with disabilities and the elderly. We have constructed this website based on the guidelines, and endeavor to make it a website that anyone can find easy to use.

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SSL is a technology that enables users to send and receive encrypted data, in order to transmit information safely on the Internet.SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) refers to a group of hash functions used to confirm whether data has been altered or falsified.SHA-2 is the next-generation standard for hash functions, replacing SHA-1.


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Responses to all items are optional. However, we may not be able to complete the appropriate procedures or respond swiftly if items are left blank.


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Purpose of using cookies

1.To understand the usage status and consider service improvements

OTSUKA CORPORATION uses cookies for the following purposes.

  • When you sign into an authentification service, we refer to your saved login information to enhance the convenience of the site and improve services, by provide services customized to your needs, etc.
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Declaration and Policy on the Protection of Personal Information and Operations to Protect Personal Information

Our Declaration and Policy on the Protection of Personal Information and Operations to Protect Personal Information are presented on the following web pages.

Declaration and Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Operations to Protect Personal Information

Web beacons

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It is therefore not necessary to contact us if these linking requirements are satisfied, but it must be clearly indicated that the link refers to the website of OTSUKA CORPORATION.

Please send any inquiries or questions to “Inquiries regarding this website” below.

Forms of display that are not allowed

Display that may cause misunderstanding among third parties, where it is not clear that some content displayed belongs to OTSUKA CORPORATION.This includes the display of our website within the frame of the linking website, etc.

The URLs associated with this website may be altered without warning.Your prior understanding is requested in this matter.

Prior consultation is necessary if you wish to use OTSUKA CORPORATION logos.Please refer to the contact details in “Inquiries regarding this website” below.

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Inquiries regarding this website


We provide no guarantees regarding the appropriateness or accuracy of the content on this website, or for content based on information supplied by third parties, such as manufacturer information, that is presented on this website.We assume no responsibility for this content.

The content presented on this website, and URLs associated with this website, may be altered or discontinued without warning.Your prior understanding is requested in this matter.

We assume no responsibility for any damage that may arise due to the alteration of information on this website, or its suspension or discontinuation, regardless of the reason.Where a link is provided to an external website from this website, please confirm the terms of use of the linked website.We assume no responsibility for the information provided on linked external websites.This website has been produced for the Japanese market, and is targeted towards customers residing in Japan.We assume no responsibility regarding the use of this website from countries or regions outside Japan.

We, hereby, disclaim any violation of laws, rules, or any other regulations by your access to our website from any foreign country or region outside Japanese jurisdiction.

Precautions regarding forward-looking information

Forecasts of future trends, business performance, etc. presented on this website are not historical fact, and are therefore subject to a degree of risk and uncertainty.They do not represent a guarantee of future performance.

Actual results may differ substantially from forecasts, due to various factors such as unforeseeable changes in economic conditions.

Material factors that may affect actual business results include the economic climate surrounding OTSUKA CORPORATION and its consolidated subsidiaries, social trends, changes in relative competitive strength due to movements in demand for the products and services provided by OTSUKA CORPORATION and its consolidated subsidiaries, etc.

Material factors that may affect business results are not limited to those mentioned above.